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A chlorine bath is typically performed when there are extreme amounts of algae in a swimming pool or when the algae that is in a pool is of the "black algae" variety. When 4 Seasons Pool Service performs a chlorine bath we start by draining the swimming pool and swimming pool spa (if there is a spa). We then coat the entire pool in a special mixture of strait chlorine. This mixture will kill most of the algae in your swimming pool.

After the liquid chlorine has been properly applied to all areas of your pool, and applied especially liberally to areas of intense algae growth, we will scrub the algae with a special brush that will help in removing the algae.

A chlorine bath WILL NOT HURT your pool as long as the chlorine is applied properly and removed after the pool cleaning has been completed.

If you have areas of algae in your swimming pool and would like a free estimate for a chlorine bath then plese call @ (661) 817-4851.

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